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Name/ Mugs
Specs/ Mugs for Royal Copenhagen
Material/ Porcelain
Measures/ 8 to 33 cl.
Date/ 2012-2013-2014
Design/ Thomas Bentzen

New habits, new needs.
Over the last years i have designed five different mugs for Royal Copenhagen. Designed to fit into the existing fluted dinnerware.
Thermal Mug #499 is designed for the hands, soft and welcoming in shape, enough volume for your cup of tea in the couch.
Mug series #101 #102 and #103 For your favorite size of favorite coffee or tea, with a handle fitting perfectly in the hand.
Espresso Cup #52. Is the perfect Espresso cup for your daily dose of strong coffee.
Soft and round in the bottom so the espresso shot mix out perfectly.

All above mugs are produced by Danish company Royal Copenhagen and comes in many different decors.
For information about sale and retail please contact Royal Copenhagen -

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Royal Copenhagen
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Copenhagen